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External Gear Pumps

HYQUIP supply the entire range of External Gear Pumps by Bosch Rexroth for use on a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications.

The key task of external gear pumps is to convert mechanical energy (torque and rotational speed) into hydraulic energy (flow and pressure). To reduce heat loss, Rexroth external gear pumps are designed to be extremely efficient. This efficiency is achieved through pressure-dependent gap sealing and high-precision manufacturing technology. They are preferred in applications where accurate dosing or high-pressure output is required.  External gear pumps can sustain high pressures.  The tight tolerances, multiple bearings and high-speed operation make them less suited to high viscosity fluids or any abrasive medium or feed with entrained solids.

An external gear pump consists of two identical, interlocking gears supported by separate shafts.  Generally, one gear is driven by a motor, and this drives the other gear (the idler).

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Showing 1 to 9 of 9 items