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Our History

1977 to 1998

The origins of HYQUIP Limited belong to a company once known as Production Equipment Limited (originally named Production Equipment Hydraulics Limited and also known as PEH or PE) which was founded in 1977. From inception the company enjoyed considerable growth and success under the entrepreneurial leadership of Edward Lomax and Terry Holt, the original founders.

Between the years 1977 and 1995 the company remained a single site organisation serving the North of England as a hydraulic and standard parts distributor, and a hydraulic systems integrator.

In 1995 Paul Taylor was appointed Business Development Manager with responsibility for all marketing communications at both an operational and strategic level. Over the next 3 years (1995-1998) the company evolved three divisions, a national presence with three geographical sites and a sales turnover in excess of £5.5 million. The company had effectively doubled in size over a three year period. Acquisitions included Partridge Hydraulics & JV Hydraulics in the south of England. This success was attributed to many factors including a targeted marketing focus and the involvement of key employees. Throughout this period Kathy Yates was the Operations Manager with responsiblility for group distribution and the successful integration of new acquisitions.

1998 to 2001

In February 1998 succession planning led to the company being sold to an MBI. The new incumbent senior management team quickly acquired another company, Hasco Hydraulics Limited, resulting in a national operation with a turnover approaching £7.5 million. In March 2001, the original company now burdened by acquisition debt and a return to recession within the manufacturing sector went into administrative receivership.

2001 to Present

On the 4th April 2001 Paul Taylor and Kathy Yates founded HYQUIP Limited, ‘the third generation’, with the backing and support of the original founders, suppliers, customers and key employees alike.

Once again, HYQUIP Limited is an owner managed company leading the way in its specialist field of Hydraulics and Standard Parts. With year on year double digit organic growth, HYQUIP has a depth of technical expertise, a team of motivated employees and a product portfolio second to none.

HYQUIP currently boasts a turnover of close to £4 million per annum with premier distribution status for many of its product lines like Carr Lane, Roemheld and Rexroth. In addition, HYQUIP has an engineering division that continues to grow in tandem with its distribution activity, thereby adding value through design, build, installation, service and troubleshooting works.