CSL-RD - Mini Pneumatic Cylinder

Piston sizes from Ø16mm ...Ø25mm

Standard strokes from 25mm to 500mm

Actuators manufactured according to ISO 6432

Available in various configurations... fixed (elastic) cushioning- non adjustable adjustable with integrated rear eye, with magnetic pistons, piston rod external thread, double-acting, suitable for use in food processing, ATEX options available.

Wabco Pneumatics, Rexroth Pneumatics, Mannesmann Rexroth Pneumatics, Mecman Pneumatics, Bosch Pneumatics, Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics, Aventics, Numatics and Asco are all now trading as Emerson Aventics

Hyquip your official sales partner and distributor for Emerson Aventics offers this extensive product portfolio of pneumatic actuators, valves, filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories allowing you to create fluid automation solutions.​

CSL-RD - Mini Pneumatic Cylinder There is 1 product.

    • Piston sizes from Ø16mm... Ø25mm
    • Standard strokes from 25mm to 500mm
    • Fixed (elastic) cushioning- non adjustable or adjustable with integrated rear eye
    • With magnetic pistons
    • Piston rod external thread
    • Double-acting
    • Suitable for use in food processing
    • ATEX options available.
    • Actuators manufacturered according to ISO 6432
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