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Gerotor Pumps

HYQUIP supply the entire range of hydraulic Gerotor Pumps by Bosch Rexroth for use on a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications. 

Gerotor pumps can be used in the low-pressure range and are used in cooling, filter, or lubricant circuits. With the flange and shaft variants compliant with the standards, they can be affixed flexibly to Rexroth axial piston, vane, and internal gear pumps. A Gerotor pump operates by trapping fluid between the rotor teeth and the housing, creating a seal. As the rotors rotate, the fluid is carried around the outer rotor and into the inner rotor, where it is then discharged. The amount of fluid pumped per revolution is dependent on the size and shape of the rotors and the housing, as well as the speed of rotation. Gerotor pumps have high efficiency, low noise and are a compact size.