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HYQUIP is ISO 9001 accredited. The company first made a commitment to formalising its Quality Management System (BS 5750) in the early 1990’s.

Our Quality Assurance Management Team comprising of Lee Heaton (General Manager), Paul Taylor (Managing Director), and Kathy Yates (Operations Director), together they drive through a proactive system of continuous improvement through Management Review Meetings which embraces the strategic direction of the business and operational excellence .

The philosophy and culture of Quality Assurance plays a major roll at HYQUIP. Management and employees together are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through service and delivery performance backed by quality systems and processes.



To provide products and services that meet our customer expectations and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. To build a profitable ‘distribution’ and ‘engineering’ company based on quality products, people expertise and service delivery, with the aim of meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.


  • Zero returns through distribution activity by marketing and supplying quality products though our operational team to ensure we deliver the right goods on time, every time.
  • Zero defects in manufacturing by building and installing quality and reliability into our systems through excellence in design, specification and engineering.

Design, application and technical engineers, our sales team, administrators, and technicians together with management and support staff all have a wealth of experience that is channelled to provide customer service and quality to satisify the needs and expectations of our customers and partners. This with a culture of continuous improvement through our Quality Management System means that HYQUIP aims to be the best in its sector providing total customer satisfaction.

QA Certificate