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Installation, Flushing and Commissioning

HYQUIP’s knowledge of pipework design ensures correct sizing, stressing, routing and bending, which is fundamental to a successful installation. Our engineers have the ability to install and commission fluid power systems in virtually any environment around the world, whatever the pipework construction and circuit complexity. We guarantee the cleanliness of all installation work, using both wet flushing and dry pneumatic pellet techniques. Installation, flushing and site commissioning is undertaken by qualified technicians who are time served engineers with many years of experience.


HYQUIP has experience undertaking all types of installations; welded pipework, compression fittings and other piping systems in steel, stainless steel, copper and tungum tubing. Knowledge of pipework and circuit design allowing for correct sizing, stressing, routing, mounting and bending is fundamental to the successful installation of any fluid power system. Hyquip engineers will provide a well-designed solution that is technically correct and aesthetically suited to meet your needs.

Warning: A poor installation by inexperienced fluid power system engineers can lead to contamination problems and turbulent flow conditions which will reduce cleanliness levels, increase pipe joint fatigue, effect overall performance of your machine and dramatically reduce the life of your system and its components.


HYQUIP engineers ensure that the correct cleanliness and flushing procedures are followed, thereby optimising the performance and life of your equipment. We guarantee the cleanliness of all installation works using either wet flushing or a pneumatic pellet system.

Warning: Don’t compromise your investment, an inappropriate installation that has been inadequately flushed can lead to costly and untimely problems – let Hyquip assume sole responsibility for the supply, installation, flushing and commissioning of all your fluid power requirements.


Even a good installation by competent engineers with the correct flushing procedures does not ensure a successful installation. Success is determined post commissioning when the equipment is fully integrated with your equipment. As such, our engineers are fully prepared with documentation, drawings, in-house technical support and test equipment necessary to ensure your installation is completely simulated and operated to your satisfaction.

HYQUIP engineers are experienced at working in partnership with other contractors and specialist personnel to ensure successful integration during the commissioning phases of any new installation.