AVENTICS (Rexroth Pneumatics) a complete range of pneumatic actuators, valves, air preparation equipment and installation materials.

AS a global manufacturer of pneumatic components AVENTICS was part of the BOSCH REXROTH group operating under the brand Rexroth Pneumatics. Now as a standalone pneumatics company AVENTICS continues to grow through its distribution network. HYQUIP has been distributing pneumatics since the 1980’s working with AVENTICS under many different names; WABCO PNEUMATICS, REXROTH PNEUMATICS, MANNESMANN REXROTH PNEUMATICS, MECMAN PNEUMATICS, BOSCH PNEUMATICS and BOSCH REXROTH PNEUMATICS primarily as a preferred complimentary product range for its HEYPAC air hydraulic pumps, air operated valves and actuators often used in workholding and production automation fixtures and applications. Now pneumatic components are a major addition to HYQUIP’s comprehensive hydraulic and standard parts portfolio.

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