Hydac Cooling Systems FLKS - S/1.0/W...FLKS


Hydac Cooling Systems FLKS - S/1.0/W...FLKS is used primarily for cooling and lubrication circuits.

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Hydac Cooling Systems FLKS - S/1.0/W...FLKS

The FLKS is a compact, complete fluid-air cooling system, which is used primarily for cooling and lubrication circuits.
The cooling system is modular in structure and is comprised of one axial or radial fan, one tank with circulating pump and one heat exchanger.

The pump conveys the cold operating medium out of the tank via the component to be cooled and picks up the heat there. The heated operating medium flows through the heat exchanger where the fan provides the necessary air flow for cooling the medium back down.

Standard version with water-glycol (W) or mineral oil (M)


FLKS are available in various installation sizes.

  • FLKS-1H
    with plastic tank and plastic housing, lightweight and robust for versatile utilisation
  • FLKS-170
    Version with radial fan
  • FLKS-3S / FLKS-3L / FLKS-4L / FLKS-5L / FLKS-6L
    Standard series in modular construction - the right installation size for every application
  • FLKS-5E / FLKS-6E
    with energy-efficient temperature control through adjustment of the fan speed

Technical data:

  • Cooling capacity up to 0.90 kW/K (ΔT10K = 9 kW)
  • Flow rate up to 80 l/min
  • Tank content up to 70 l
  • Cooling medium air
  • Operating medium water-glycol or mineral oil

Typical applications:

  • Cooling of AC main drives
  • Cooling of motor spindles in processing machines
  • Fluid-cooled drives
  • Inverter cooling
  • Cooling and lubrication of gear units

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